The Best Alcohols To Choose While Banting

Does alcohol and Banting mix ?

Careful measure need to be taken when it comes to mixing alcohol and Banting since it may cause your weight loss process to be slower. A persons body sees alcohol as a toxin so the response of the body is to burn the alcohol before it burns food and fat. So whether you drink any kind of alcohol is up to you.

As people we have our kind of style that we like of alcohol some Banters prefer wine and champagne your red or fry white while others prefer drinking lite beer. The thing with beer s that it is made from grains which my stall your diet plan. So spirits dont have carbs yes zero percent carbs but have high calories also your mix my cause problems so watch whatever it is you mix with.
Here are guides to help you decide on what to have to at least keep your carbs low…


  • White – 2.6g
  • Red – 2.8g
  • Champagne – 1.6g

Beers, Ciders or Coolers

  • As has been said above, beer can be an issue – not only because most contain a considerable amount of carbs – but because they’re made with grains.
  • Draught – 3g
  • Lite – 2g
  • Lager – 11g to 15g depending on the brand
  • Is the highest to contain carbs with about 12.6 g minimum and max at 39g for the respective brands.


  • As you can see – spirits don’t contain carbs. Their mixers however do. If you choose something – go for things like Whiskey and water – or Vodka with soda water and a squeeze of lime. Never choose mixers like soda’s or juices. They’re sugar laden – so will cause more harm.Remember to always stay safe and have a designated driver if you’re choosing to go out and have alcohol.

So as we see if you want to choose whats best its better to go with spirits they contain zero carbs no harm may be inflicted on your progress but watch what you mix with to keep the carbs low since these sweeteners have a lot of carbs.


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